How to make the Internet faster and more stable

Thanks for reading my previous article Making timer on the PC, as we know, the internet connection is not as strong as Internet connections abroad in order to be in Singapore. Perhaps many who have such problems, the problem of slow Internet that make us want to hit portable swing.

Relax, do not worry in advance, because at night I'll give some tips to create your connection may be more stable and will be even faster. How does it work? Let us know .
When connecting to the Internet, so much faster that the first thing to do is.

1. Change the DNS (DNS Settings)
The first is to change your DNA, such as the Start menu - Control Panel - Network & Internet - Network and Sharing - Change adapter settings.  So here it is to select one of the links you want to change.

Then simply select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4).

Furthermore, the content of the preferred DNS server numbers section and for the alternative DNS server.

Just click OK and restart the PC.

2. Set the network in Windows XP / 7
To create a faster Internet connection, were different ways that people do to always get the application or whatever all that. Now, for adjustment without the application, the following steps:

As usual, open the Start menu.
Then click All Programs.
Click Accessories.
Then select Run.
If so, please enter gpedit.msc press Enter.
Select Local Computer admininstrative only cut templates and then click Network.
And if you choose a bunch of ways, the QoS Packet Scheduler.
Then double-click the bandwitdh Bookable limit.
It is a PopUp appear, please enable, then the limit% bandwitdh please change to "0".
Click Apply or OK.

Then, to actually do the above steps, restart the computer immediately.
This friend, how to make faster and more stable your Internet connection, so hopefully you can practice and also many successful indeed.

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