GoPro has created uproar of Xiaomi Yi

GoPro has created uproar of Xiaomi Yi - Xiaomi back into the spotlight with the launch of the latest action camera, Xiaomi Yi. Action Cam-stretcher rival the famous GoPro competitors. Xiaomi Yi presented with a form that is very similar to the GoPro, GoPro exactly petite. However, Yi Cam dare to offer a higher specification and the price is much cheaper than the competition.
Although Yi Cam at a very reasonable price. Si Yi Cam maintaining the performance of the camera. The ability Yi Cam undoubtedly record, even superior GoPro. Yi cam capable of recording at 60fps speed (1920 x 1080), 120 fps (1280 x 720), 240fps (840 x 480). In terms of storage, GoPro again lost by the Yi Cam, which offer double the 64 GB. The weight of the Yi is also much easier with only 69.3 g. Battery Xiaomi yi up to 75 minutes to take 60fps. Although new but currently has a market share of action camera. GoPro really creates excitement through the Xiaomi Yi.

Xiaomi also be creative by mucking around with tongsis / monopod - hold called a solid support Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Travel Edition. So for those of you who really like berselfie ria very suitable.

Of all the splendor of possession Yi Cam does not escape from shortcomings. Xiaomi Yi still has some shortcomings, such as not using a microphone, image stabilization, auto stop / start, video flip / rotate. Another disadvantage is very diiming be submitted as soon as possible available to the non-availability of accessories GoPro is as provided by the manufacturer.

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