Google Executives on Mount Everest Killed when the Earthquake Nepal

An earthquake measuring 7.9 Richter scale rocked Nepal on Saturday, April 25, 2015 yesterday. More than 1,805 people have been killed in the country. One of them is an executive of Google, Dan Fredi castle.

At that time, the project manager of Google X focus is to climb Mount Everest along with three other Google employees. Men from California, United States of America, who died as a result of landslides on Saturday morning after suffering severe head injuries.
And Fredi Burg died after suffering severe head injuries as a result of avalanche, led by earthquakes. Meanwhile, Google's three colleagues who survived Fredi castle common reports and were not injured.

Fredi castle was a fan of outdoor activities and also an experienced mountaineer. He led several expeditions to collect images for Google Maps, including the famous mountain peaks such as Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus.

Before the earthquake, saw Fredi Burg training at the base camp, photos on Instagram account. Aside from Google, the younger brother of Dan, Megan is disclosed, also announced the news of the death Fredi castle.

"All the love and gratitude say we. For people who have shared life with our favorite funny man strong-willed"
Fredi Burg death news was also confirmed by the travel company Jagged Globe climbing through his online statement. The airline called Fredi castle as a member of the Everest team.

They note, two other members are also getting treatment after being exposed to an avalanche. But no mention of whether two people are in question Google employees who took to the ascent along Fredi castle.

Meanwhile, three other Google employees that accompany allegedly survived the rise Fredi castle. As disclosed Google Privacy Director Lawrence.

"We are trying to repatriate them," she said.

Fredi castle as experienced climbers mentioned. He also led a number of trips to collect images of the area around Everest in the "Street View" can be used in Google Maps.

Mentioned during the Nepal Mountaineering Association, on page RT quoted when an earthquake occurs, there are more than 100 climbers were in the base camp of Mount Everest 1 and 2. But when it declared safe state. It's just hard because the escape routes to do to 2 base camp was broken.


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