Disadvantages Portable Applications and Over

For each person, copy the data to your computer and do not install in a long time already be familiar, especially if you install the program file size is large. But not all applications if the installation process, as existing portable applications.

In fact, many wonder what exactly that? And the benefits and why should not install these portable applications portable application portable applications or commonly known as the portable application is a software program that can make for a variety of portable devices. Laptop has been specially designed to be able to run on a compatible PC (not necessary for installation)

Users can store a portable application on a variety of portable storage devices like USB flash drives DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, an external hard drive. And when the notebook peralatan is already connected to the computer, then directly own mobile applications, without having to be used to copy and install the internal hard disk. These are the main advantages of portable applications.
Well, we, which only sent to the scene, the advantages and disadvantages of this portable application:

Excess portable applications
Very simple, easy and fast fleskibel By the excess of the first portable application that is easy, this portable and ringkas felksibilitas applications. We can use this portable application where we want, we can store it anywhere, such as in the external and internal flash drive and other storage.

Light copy another computer
These portable applications same as various other files, this application can be copied from one computer to another. Do not worry about storing data in C can save anywhere you want a CT.

Smaller size than before pertable
You can compare with any application, such as games or applications Photoshop, compare them with the portable photoshop, their use certainly very different from the original. Of course, this can make the hard drive more efficiently and less run instead of more RAM.

Free Portable Applications
-Many Portable applications for free. You can get this portable application everywhere, but not officially brought all these portable applications circulated. Sometimes there are also applications that the developer in question is intentionally dismantled in portable TENPA permission.

Disadvantages Portable Applications
Unlike other porgam, portable applications are not as flat as a rule that is the most important features. Perhaps because the file size is not too large.

Not all portable applications can run,
As a rule, for portable applications, the size of 100 MB and above can not be performed directly from mass storage devices, such as in Flash.

No plugins.

No doubt this is a portable application can not add plugins. So of course this portable application has only the most important features of the application.

Perhaps you are confused to choose how applications must use portable or not, from now at the point where we know what the advantages and disadvantages of portable applications, can be useful, yes. Do not forget to read about the risks often reinstall notebook.

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