Celebrate Earth Day Google Keeps Interest Questionnaire

Date (22/04/2015) Google has officially launched today to celebrate Earth, which is characterized by changes in the main page of Google day. Not enough to change the screen, it turns out that Google is in an interesting competition. As with 'Name Meaning, "which was a trend in Facebook yesterday sometime Google elections will meet an animal character.

When you visit the Google home page today, do not be surprised that Google has to be a unique image. The image-shaped logo in celebration of Earth Day. You can download the letter O in the Google logo is different from the others, how to animate rotation of the Earth. While other letters describe the background, such as the Earth's environment by man must be maintained.

They not only looks like the logo, click on the image, letter O Earth Google Logo is automatically accompanied to the interesting testing ground. The exercise is to estimate what the animals to respond to your contribution to a series of questions from Google. In addition to competitions in social network Facebook, produce for this questionnaire responses with animal figures that describe your personality.

There are 5 parts of the questions you answer, follow this Earth Day contest. The question is very simple, there are issues related to the fans and others. Once you are done to answer all questions, it would be that a suitable animal with figures, animals that appear appear unique.


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