TCE betrayal-brucella Jenner dating Kris Jenner's BFF?

It seems that a new Bruce Jenner has a new candy arm to go with his new long hair, and his former wife Kris is not very happy about who he is: he (probably now former) best friend. Momentum rumors after two took in a concert by Elton John in early October. reported that Bruce Ronda Kamihira, looks BFF Chris "(well, at least the last 20 years, which is roughly a lifetime of friendship celebrities). Stories paint Kris as" broken "and" cried every night. "

Not so fast, says E!, The last stronghold of pro-Kardashian.

"Round old best friend Bruce in the world," said an unnamed friend via cable network. "They are definitely not you, all you show me the wrong tree away. Trust".

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