SuperNexus – I9100 – BUILD 5 for Samsung Galaxy SII

[ROM][AOSP][JB][4.1.2][JZO54K] SuperNexus – I9100 – BUILD 5 for Samsung Galaxy SII - The main idea behind Super Vanilla Android experience as well as Google's Nexus Nexus devices , provide for devices other than Nexus . Super Nexus is built entirely from Google AOSP source. Many improvements and enhancements have been made to the source code of Google to get the best possible experience Vanilla Android . Super Nexus is very easy as there is no 3rd party apps (ZERO bloatware ) .

Thanks to TeamHacksung ( donations to them ) and I am using the device and associated patches tree in my Nexus ROM Super SoC . Thanks to the team of CyanogenMod (CM) and TeamKang Code Aurora ( AOKP ) the largest number of functions clap their source codes .

System Details :

Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2 ( JZO54K - Android - 4.1.2_r1 )
Latest CM kernel
All functions and applications (excluding Nothing PSE) Jelly Bean
No visible changes !
Jelly Bean on appearance
This will turn your Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean'ed
ROM features :

fully Deodexed
APK Zipaligned
Rooted (Super ED )
busybox installed
No third party app
ZERO bloatware
Android source code significantly improved and optimized ( ie , Bionic , Dalvik , Webkit, Marco , libcore , SQLite , etc. )
Official Jelly Bean Boot Animation ( From Official Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1.1 factory image )
init.d support
Bash and nano - Support
Support SIP / VOIP Native
HSPA + Support
OpenVPN support
Ext4 file system optimization
Performance improvements boot animation
Galaxy S II device configuration as application
Huge APN and SPN list
Naver - fonts support ( improve the readability of the font Korea)
Advanced Power Menu ( reboot options , recovery and Download )
Information about the hardware of the device (Settings > Device> Hardware Information )
Spinners progress Tweaked Values ​​( silky Loading Spinners )
Pets all kinds of file types for download
It allows the installation of apps from Unknown Standard
Data Roaming disabled by default
Cache improvement shift
Instead boot time
The options to switch between USB Mass Storage and MTP / PTP (in some devices )
Significantly improved and optimized WebKit ( ultra smooth sailing )
Camera features: -
- Burst Shot ( up to 20 images at a time)
ISO mode
Touch Focus - Length
Power Shutter ( Click on the power button, the image / video capture )
Color Effects
- Shutter Timer
Zero - Shutter Lag ( in certain units)
Browser features: -
- Tab ceiling increase 16-64
- Implementation Support WebGL
- Incognito Tab option (If you click on the URL )
- Option to close all tabs with one click
Phone features: -
- T9 dialer
- Dialer landscape support
Accelerometer - disabled while on call is disabled and the display of the user interface (saves battery)

ClockworkMod Recovery ( CWM ) / Each individual recreation
Wipe if from another ROM

Google Apps and Super Nexus Copy ROM to internal SD card
A wipe / factory reset ( Required if you come from another ROM)
Super Nexus Flash ROM
Flash Google Apps
Reboot your device !
Source: xda-developers

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