Star Defender 3 v1.7.0 Android Apk

Requirements: Android 2.3.3 or higher
Description: Enjoy the battle superstar!

Save the earth and fight your way through hordes of alien beasts in Star Defender 3 ™ !

" This spectacular space action game really has a lot to offer, and if you happen to be a fan of games like Space Invaders , this title will certainly give you an idea of the game" -
" For those who enjoyed the classic games of action in space, this is a good option to take it again " -

The highly anticipated space action game is finally here ! Take the lead in this awesome war. Insects have already prepared for their next wave , with new tricks to defeat you clever .

Get ready to end Big 8 exciting missions in space Star Defender shooter third Missiles are just light fun for kids , but in this case you get mines , lasers, nuclear bombs , piranha, parasitron , lightning, insulators , infector , ball lightning and homing lasers !

Do not miss this hot star battle !

Game Features:
The new control with a single finger
A wide array of alien spacecrafts with their own weapons
8 large missions with a huge Boss at the end of each
A system of bonuses, including Time Freeze , Missile Strike, and immortality
More than 100 breathtaking levels
Unique gameplay and truly addictive
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