Portals Magic v3.1.1 Android Apk

Portals Magic v3.1.1 Android Apk - Magic Portal is a very addictive game that combines the classic platform game with elements of puzzle challenges portal spell that can be used to teleport to almost everything in the scene! Open the path to the checkpoint tickets.

The game includes several features and classic art style 16 - bit games, mixing pixel art elements with advanced real-time lighting effects from.

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/MagicPortals
Need help on a difficult level ? Visit http://asanteegames.com/magic-portals/walk-through/

Featured Magic Portal :
• Huge bosses !
• Collect all the diamonds to score the gold!
• System Achievements for the game even more difficult ;
• Puzzles and obstacles in the dynamics of physics ( Box2D ) is based ;
• Ability to complete each level with the fewest number of portals ;
• Ability to move boxes , throwing huge stones dodge fireballs explode and stuff with magical powers ;
• Beautiful scenes and innovative lighting effects in real time;
• Cool fantasy environments and scenarios ;
• Over 90 levels already available, and more levels to come with future updates!

If you like Portal or Portal 2 from Valve, do not miss magic portal!

NOTE : for a good gaming experience , we recommend a high-end Android device.
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