JELLYBAM Android™ Samsung Galaxy [ROM 4.1.2 - 4.2]

[ROM 4.1.2 - 4.2] JELLYBAM – v1.0.0 [28/11] [PA.AOKP.CM10] [ATOMIC] [AROMA]
Thanks to the amazing features of AOKP, CyanogenMod and Paranoid combined in one ROM
Thanks to JellyBOOM scripts developed by us, your device will become fast and smooth with a good balance between performance and battery life
Everything you need:
JellyBam default comes out with pre-installed Google Applications, Maps and many more useful things
YouTube HD:
To provide the best experience to our users, we included a modded version of YouTube with 720p playback over WiFi and 3G by default in our ROMs
Images and video quality:
Thanks to the recently introduced Bravia engine, and some tweaks, your pics and videos will be displayed in an amazing quality
XLoud and Audio enhancements:
Thanks to a modified DPS Manager integrated with XLoud, AwesomBeats and Bass enchancments mods the sound is extremley improved
Update e Mods:
UpdateMe allows you to install the latest update, as well as several modd, themes, kernel, fonts and much more!
- Built from source -
- Overall features of AOKP, CM10 and PARANOID -
- Custom JellyBam Settings with preferences -
- Tons of customizations -
- Themes and Mods in JellyBam style -
- Aroma installer -
- Latest CM10/AOKP Kernel compiled from sources -
- Latest Siyah kernel -
- Google apps included (Installable via aroma) -
- First AOKP / CM10 ROM With S-Memo and S-Calendar -
- New Mali driver -
- Exynos HWComposer -
- Lockscreen with x8 Custom app targets -
- New optimus 4x circle lockscreen -
- Ability to customize color and alpha of the optimus lockscreen -
- KeyBoard from 4.2 -
- Clock from android 4.2 -
- Google play music from android 4.2 -
- Sony Walkman music player -
- Bravia Engine libraries -
- Bravia XLoud audio libraries -
- Paranoid Android settings -
- Per-App-DPI Changer -
- Per-App-Color -
- Custom home action and hardware button in lockscreen -
- Quick/Long click on weather and clock actions -
- JellyBam Panel in settings app -
- AOKP and CyanogenMod Settings -
- Mass storage mode -
- OTA Update via UpdateMe App -
- You can keep your ROM up to date with latest Tweaks, Mods, Themes via UpdateMe app -
- GAPPS included, no need to flash anything else -
- Gallery support picasa share -
- Apollo Music Player (Themed) -
- Album app from sony xperia -
- Quick SMS -
- AwesomBeats Lib -
- A good combination of stability and performance (Thanks Siyah Kernel + Personal mod) -
- Bluetooth hacked for send / receive APK -
- YouTube hacked with 3G+WiFi HD 720p PlayBack -
- Init.d scripts -
- JellyBOOM script -
- Media quality tweak -
- 3G and GPS Tweak -
- RAM Optimization + Multitasking -
- SmoothScrolling tweak -
- V6 Supercharger included -
- lot of Themes available in UpdateMe -
- TouchWiz 5 Launcher -
- Trebuchet Launcher -
-*Beats Audio by Dr Dre*(Powerfull bass) -
- Clearbass Sound by Sony*(Clear Bass) -
- Xloud by SonyEricsson*(higher sound volume and clearer sound on speaker) -
- Dolby Digital Sound*(Equalizer enhancer bass setting and Surround setting) -
- Surround Sound*(Deeper bass and reduction of bass distortion plus Eq setting support) -
- JellyBam custom Bootanimation by metallaxis -
- Center Clock/No clock/Right Clock -
-Volume Panel (Volume Rocker allows you to change ALL volume levels in one Menu) -
- Lockscreen Weather -
- Lockscreen Vibration on/off toggle -
- Performance/Color Settings -
- Brightness Control Slider -
- Multilang -
- JellyBam Style -
- Much more! Check it by yourself! -
- All the amazing features of CM10, PARANOID AND AOKP ALL TOGETHER-
Changelog v1.0.0:
project vendor_jellybam:
* modified jellybam version from “date” to v1.0.0 (the first number indicate a big frameworks and apps updates, the second will be for minor frameworks and apps update, the third for general bug fixes and urgent update and will probably be for specific device only)
* initial WIP for building n8000, i9250 and p970 jellybam rom
project android_frameworks_base:
* Fix memory leak in SettingsObserver
* Move SettingsObserver to DecorView where it is needed and observe/unobserve on attach/detach from Window
project packages_apps_Settings:
* Added facebook fan page and github to about jellybam
* Updated finnish translations
* Update Greek translations
* Power widget: Hide Wi-Fi AP option if it’s not supported
* Update pt-pt translations
Project packages_apps_Mms:
* Quick SMS features added back
* Emoticon button on bottom right of the keyboard
Project jellybam:
* Added Paper Artist ported from note 2 to samsung app (AROMA)
* Fixed low DPI issue that was affectin xhdpi devices (n7000, n7100 and i9300)
* Added default inverted Mms (Black and Blue experience) (Stock themed will be pushed to aroma in further version if i see some request from people)
* Added default inverted Contacts (Black and Blue experience) (Stock themed will be pushed to aroma in further version if i see some request from people)
* Added default inverted Apollo apps (Black and Blue experience) (Stock themed will be pushed to aroma in further version if i see some request from people)
* Toolchain and libs from android 4.2 (wip)
* Dorimanx kernel updated to v7.24 (i9100)
* Siyah kernel updated to v1.8 (i9300)

Android Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100:

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Android Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100G:

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Android Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300:

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Android Samsung Galaxy Note n7000:

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Android Samsung Galaxy Note2 n7100:

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