[ICS+][MOD] Android 4.2 Transformation Pack

[ICS+][MOD] Android 4.2 Transformation Pack - Tommrazek01, an XDA Developer Forum senior member, is the brilliant mind behind the Android 4.2 Transformation Pack, which brings the following upgrades and new functions to all Galaxy Nexuses, regardless of their on-board ROM:
  • Camera with PhotoSphere
  • Gallery
  • Stopwatch/Clock
  • Nexus 4 Sounds
  • App Install (Phonesky.apk)
  • Launcher With Wallpapers
Version 2
  • Added Gmail
  • Added a Build.prop that solves most of the compatibility issues. Thanks doomed151!
Version 2.1
  • Added Google Ears
  • Added the Nexus 4 Lockscreen! Not to confuse, no widgets yet.
  • Andorid 4.2 Google Now and Play store.
Important: You need to be deodexed to use this mod!
It’s hard to not get excited after browsing that list of goodies, but before getting carried away try to remember that flashing this mod comes with all the usual risks, including the possibility of bricking your device (unlikely) and voiding your warranty (guaranteed).
Of course, if you’re already running a custom ROM on your Galaxy Nexus, you shouldn’t worry about your warranty anymore, so you might as well go ahead and give this a quick try. Or you can wait it out for a week or two and get the official “Transformation Pack”, including not only these tasty treats, but a whole bunch of others, too. Your choice.
Source: XDA-Developers

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