Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy SII I9100

Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy SII I9100
News of interest
- Do you see the theme MIUI v4 ? Visit

- Based on CM10 [ 12:10:12 ]
- Based on the Nexus S MIUI [ 2:10:12 ]
- Multilanguage
- Aroma - Installer
- OTA update
- 4 - Way - Reboot

Installation Instructions
Perform a full wipe first ( recommended but not always necessary )
Second Step into recovery and flash ROM
Third Reboot ( this may take some time by optimizing application)
Fourth Wait a few minutes and start again
Fifth MIUI Enjoy and JB

MIUI 02/10/12 Changes:

[ System]
- Optimize the current icon theme in the program for selection
- Global optimization search if the current icon theme
- Fix problems with touch screen , click the precision also optimize the operation
- Fixed some devices the IMEI number can be used to erase phone data ( USSD exploit)

[ Phone]
- Search results T9 to switch between the "alphabet" and " phonics " Search
- To hang up a call , will fix in some cases lead to an error FC
- Fix display CDMA operator does not change the language of the modified system
- Fix in some cases are missed call reminder ringtone stops recalled
- Do not update in some cases , correct , call list Avatars
- Fix interface displays overlapping answer and call interface in some cases
- Fix in some cases FC call interface causes errors

[ Contact Us ]
- Fix display a backup of your contacts in restoring troubled avatars

[ Book]
- Finally , if you have not opened through SMS text message to a list of commands ( 10-09 )
- Optimization of the types of expression SMS
- Optimize for SMS or bulk SMS messages will be merged into a single list of results
- Fixed a problem with the content of the sentence is not hidden when selected the English dictionary . Data Presentation correct results in an error FC
- Secure the SMS , send and receive status indications error problems
- MMS Fix if received before the message was read is , a message appears repeatedly asked
- Fix for MMS at the time received notification bar displays incorrect information
- Fix HTC devices can not MMS messages
- Fix SMS messages can not be sent to a number of foreign
- Fixed issue with the SIM card contacts SMS long name
- Sets the maximum number of pages that asks for the first time used

[ Lock screen , status bar , notification bar ]
- Optimization of a standard telephone system abuse

- Fix adding new widgets on the screen, the widget does not work properly centered
- Fix In some cases , the dynamic effects of free desktop widget does not display correctly
- Fix photo frame widget can not change / edit

[ Music ]
- Optimization of the texts of state changes in the user interface
- Optimize intelligent lyrics elimination at the end of the line with additional blank lines
- Fix for the 4 × 1 desktop widget display album cover

[Sound Recorder ]
- Fix the recorded radio does not appear in the list of recordings
- Set if the caller ID is not known / blank recording a failure of FC
- Fix the recording screen 'title' displays incorrect information

[Calendar ]
- Contact birthday reminders improve port on Android 4.1

[Anti - disturb / DND ]
Interfering with the operation and issues unknown caller - fixed anti - mortal
- Fix is a kind of disappeared after the area code added to the blacklist

[ Note ]
- Fix it in certain circumstances , the record shows a text overlay problems
- Fix lead in some cases , the selection of records in a grid layout FC Error

[ Watch ]
- Fix select Time ringtones, the problem of interface dislocation
- Fix the allocation of two hours or more in the world, New Year's Day in an error resulting FC

2:10:12 cMIUI Changes:

- Update : CM10 - Nightly [ 12:10:12 ]
- Update : MIUI -base [ 2:10:12 ]
- Update : Set Goals [ 9:03:16 ]
- Change: GMail [ 4,2]
- Removed : 3 - Way - Reboot
- Added: 4 - Way - Reboot [ fusion Thank jack ]
- Type : string added German

The ROM is only compatible with the following kernel Mali now! The core is also available via OTA update.

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