Telenovelas "Marido en Alquiler" Onlíne

Telenovelas "Marido en Alquiler" Onlíne : How are you all today was really fun especially if you look at the abru impressions start with a new style in the next episode on telenovelas marido en Alquiler this year.

Marido en Alquiler ( Lit : Husband for Rent / English : My Dear builders ), originally known as the Madre Reina ( the Queen Mother ), is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States -based television network Telemundo Studios, Miami and Brazil's Rede Globo. It is a remake of the Brazilian telenovela , Fina Estampa. Sonya Smith and Juan Soler stars as the main protagonist, with Maritza Rodríguez and Miguel Varoni stars as the main antagonist Soler signs with Telemundo that this debut after signing an exclusive agreement with the network. 2013.

Marido en Alquiler tells the story of Griselda Carrasco, a strong and determined woman who works as a handyman to support his family. In the course of his work , fate or coincidence leads to Reinaldo Ibarra, an honest person and a chef who is married to Teresa Cristina, but he became fascinated by the power and passion that Griselda, gradually came to the conclusion that he was her true love.

If everything is happy to telenovelas marido en Alquiler please watch the show on a review in the official blog.

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