The vehicle classes the Silvretta Classic

The vehicle classes the Silvretta Classic - In the Silvretta Classic not only increases the overall winner on the podium, but there are also six category winners determined. They range from pre-war economic miracle about vehicles cars to classic cars.

Class 1 (up to 1930)

From the early days of the automobile to 1930, this class ranges from historic vehicles. Often there are motors up to eight liters, usually spread over six or eight cylinders, fire up the two-seater roadster with the big hoods or drive sedans that are reminiscent of stagecoaches. The Bentley 4 1/2 Litre from the year 1929 makes do with 4 cylinders and mobilized 140 hp from 4.5 liters.

Class 2 (1931-1946)

The boundaries of automotive growth have been reached. At least in terms of displacements, this seems to be safe. Therefore vehicles between 1931 and the end of World War II are titled as "post-vintage" automobiles. This trend is also evident in the Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 GT from 1934. Under its long hood purrs a small six-cylinder with 2.3 liters displacement.

Class 3 (1947-1961)

The time until 1961 is also referred to as "Post-War" era. Here come not only pretzel beetle, Opel Kapitän and Ford Taunus in appearance, who mobilized the masses after the war. Even a Mercedes Gullwing, Porsche 356, Austin-Healey or street cruiser in the United States are icons growing mobile freedom. Even then, the exotics included the BMW 507, the 3.2-liter V8 provides healthy 150 hp.

Class 4 (1962-1969)

Only eight years encloses the time window in which these cars were built. The German economic miracle enters its final stage. Typical vehicles of this era are the Mercedes Pagoda, the VW Beetle and BMW 1600 or the Peugeot 404 FRENCH our neighbors who integrate themselves into the dense traffic. Top model Unterturkheim 1963 was the rare Mercedes-Benz 300 SE.

Class 5 (1970-1976)

Who has not experienced in his youth as a new car, she wants to rank among the classic cars, but now they have far more than 30 years under his belt and may call themselves vintage. About the VW Golf I, who replaced the Beetle after a long construction period. Also a Mercedes-Benz W 115 model series, a Ford Capri and even the first Fiesta are incorporated herein. And of course the Capri opponents Opel Manta A, the iconic coupe version of the solid model Ascona.

Class 6 (1977-1992)

Mainly by diving on classic cars. Cars that are mostly between 20 and 30 years old and well on the way to becoming a classic. These include the Audi Quattro from 1988, a Porsche 911 or a Citroen 2 CV, built in 1986, and a VW T3b Bus. But a Japanese mass model, the Mazda 323 from 1978, is already allowed to wear H-plates - many have not survived.

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