The Main Sponsor for Mercedes

The Main Sponsor for Mercedes - Mercedes-Benz is the main sponsor of the new-16 Montafon Silvretta Classic Rally in 2013 and the Silvretta E-Car Rally 2013 organized by Motor Presse Stuttgart this year for the fourth time.

"For four years we have a motto for the integration of classic cars and electric cars in our rally Silvretta Montafon: The pioneers of the past to meet today's pioneers," said Harald Koepke, organizational leaders in motorcycle rallies Presse Stuttgart. "That is why we are delighted that we have won with Mercedes-Benz for couples who also was a pioneer of innovation cars like for today and tomorrow."

150 classic cars on 660 miles of the most beautiful alpine road

Two regularity rallies lead of 4 to July 7, 2013 in the most beautiful stretch of Vorarlberg and around beautiful Silvretta massif to the Lower Engadine. In the Silvretta Classic Rally Montafon dream cars on dream streets: are the big time with 150 classic cars on 660 miles of life. When the car pulled from the 20's beat the Silvretta High Alpine Road, followed by luxury cars from the 30's, when the legendary sports car to meet day-to-day emotional beloved mobile postwar aroused - with drivers and spectators.
E-car runs 130 km route daily
In Silvretta E-Auto Rally series and prototype vehicles powered solely by electricity, and other alternative fuels have to show what they can do. Task daily driving distance 130 kilometers, just seems simple: For what it is worth without problems in the lowlands, mostly in the high mountains is a real challenge.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber, member of the Board of Daimler AG responsible for Group Research & Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, so the Silvretta E-Auto close to your heart: "Montafon is each summer and again the meeting place of contrasts: Classic meets modernity and the mountains meet city ​​car. This is exactly the reason why attractive Silvretta E-Auto Rally for spectators and participants. We went in 2013 for the fourth time with the largest fleet of electric vehicles in the beginning. And we once more on providing our electric actuator performance in challenging tracks in the Montafon in under the most extreme racing conditions. We show that Mercedes-Benz offers with each drive automotive fascination and fun. "

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