Participants of the 16th Silvretta Classic (1)

Participants of the 16th Silvretta Classic (1) - Traditional Rally Montafon began July 4, 2013: On the 16th time, is in the Silvretta Classic Vintage on Alpine Tour. In parallel, go electric vehicles in the Silvretta E-early.

The viewer tends to disappear once suggested a walk in the first picture a while with eyes. It shows a lot of what is Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon: Alpine style, relaxed, almost homely example. Or the proximity of the audience to the actors. And, of course, a wide range more or less of the treasures of the museums that can be seen in action here.

Mercedes-Benz 720 SSK oldest car Silvretta 2013

Older vehicles coming this year from 1928, hear the name of Mercedes-Benz 720 SSK and vice versa in the museum. Bentley is a regular, Bugatti, Alvis and Lagonda, Alfa Romeo and Maybach 18 cars before the war that meander through the narrow Alpine village. A Chevrolet truck from the forties, however, is so rare as a guest Belair coupe of the same brand, more Thurner RS by NSU, simply because there are only a handful of them. Maserati Ghibli or not also Intermeccanica Indra is also difficult to see in traffic.

This also applies to the BMW 328, the racing legend Dieter Quester through control of Montafon, now even for the Mercedes-Benz 190 Diesel, with comedian Urban Priol is responsible for the mountain stages - the pontoon was built in 1959.

In the presentation, participants will begin with the numbers 1-80 Click here for the race numbers 81-159

Entry list Silvretta Silvretta Classic and E-available as a PDF download at the bottom of the page.

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