Participants in the Silvretta E-Rally

Participants in the Silvretta E-Rally - 23 electric cars have 4 for the Silvretta E-Auto logged in Montafon. Three daily stages in the high mountains it comes to good husband his volts and amps to avoid penalties and to come up with enough reserves to their destination.

If you look at the lineup for the fourth edition of the Silvretta E-Auto, then is immediately apparent that the prototypes will be less and the more production vehicles. Vehicles, which can be either already buy, like the Tesla, the smart or Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe. Or those in the BMW Active E, ​​which can be experienced by anyone, such as the car-sharing in Munich. Illwerke compete with the flaming new Tesla Model S impresses with incredible 480 kilometer range. Even the mighty SLS AMG E-Cell, by far the strongest car in the field, is for sale.
Reach king shall create 500 kilometers

However still a prototype, the B-Class from Mercedes-Benz fuel cell, but also to go into the foreseeable future, at least in small series.

Volkswagen sends the E-Up Montafon, which will be the first all-electric car from VW are in the showrooms soon. In addition, the Wolfsburg present with the XL1 to reach king of the event - it will create 500 km and are offered in small series. But on the Alpine passes garnished with plenty of distance for electricity, it is also not just about arriving, but also about uniform Points.

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