Oldtimer Favorite - The ZDK-Fire

Oldtimer favorite - The ZDK-Fire - The Central Association of the German automotive industry (ZDK) in 2013 to support the Silvretta Classic with a particular vehicle than a breakdown service. Mercedes-Benz 408, which was built in 1972, with a 2.2-liter gasoline engine and 85 HP used to be a fire truck and is equipped for emergency use on the track.

Are all the essential tools on board - a warning device to protect the stranded vehicle on the tow bar and the tow rope to start the device and car jack for changing wheels. Also performed well as a preservative for oils and lubricating fluids, special tools and fire extinguishers. With a total of eight seats in the former fire department emergency vehicles is also suitable as a "taxi" on the vintage.

Motor trade specialist company certified for historic vehicles

Chef on board was master mechanic Matthias Kemmer. He led the "specialist for historic vehicles" in Speyer and has more than 20 years of experience in the restoration and maintenance of classic vehicles.

"With the ZDK-mobile services, we want to draw attention, specifically specializing in service to the classic car while it was about 380 union company," said Officer Andrea ZDK Zeus. With "specialist for historic vehicles", awarded since 2009, indicating the company union, to meet the prescribed standards for maintenance contracts and repairs. Compliance with this standard on a regular basis. 

Growing market for classic cars

These companies to meet the growing community's historic vehicle friends. Currently there is a backlog of more than 1.7 million classic cars in Germany. The average cost of repair and maintenance of vehicle category harsh report DAT 2011 at € 455 per year. It can be for a business that has taken the topic of classic cars, a serious sales potential can be calculated.
Pilot youth training project in the automotive industry

The recovery and maintenance of classic cars make high demands on the professional workshop. "They asked very specific knowledge and skills, coupled with experience and passion," said Matthias Kemmer. "A vehicle mechatronics can overcome all types of injection system, dual downdraft carburetor he can not adjust properly for a long time because of that."

Therefore, the motor trade now placing emphasis on making shape young people for future business with the automotive heritage. Currently getting 13 prospective automotive mechatronics, which "additional qualifications for vintage and classic technique." Train them in the practical training given about historic vehicles as part of a pilot project, which runs until 2013 in Soest.

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