Tips that Exemption Google Adsense Banned

Tips that Exemption Google Adsense Banned ~ Google Adsense is a Program launched by Google for Google Displays Ads Advertiser throughout the World, Google Adsense really very interesting to follow and on the run, Advertising and Payment Due perkliknya Quality is very high and proven pay with on-time becomes very in hurry by the publishers world. 

Google Adsense speaking, means you will risk affecting Banned Adsense Account you will not be able to follow the Google Adsense program again with the same blog, but that's ironic Google Adsense and the rules are pretty strict.  

For those who still have a Google Adsense publisher, it is quite finished reading the input for my friends, because I did sign up to be a publisher, not an easy thing. there are a few tips for my friends who already approve by Google adsesnse so you do not get banned, the following tips to avoid contact with Banned Google Adsense: 

1. Do Not Often Open Google Adsense Account 
For friends Google Adsense Publisher, For Security you are using Adsense, it is advisable to not always open a Google Adsense account, at least once a week or once in two weeks, because if your global IP fickle then your account will be suspected by Google party, just for precaution, you should schedule your time in opening your Google Account.

2. Want Minimalist Use Preview Post Current Article 
Preview page is the page that opens to see the interim results of the articles that have been written, because by the time you get to the preview page, Google Adsense Ads will also be in the Load along with your writing,, it could be fatal to your Google Adsense account because it could be suspected clicking on your own ads.

3. Do Click on Google Adsense Ads 

Clicking on Google ads are indeed the most violent of the pinalty google, what else are you clicking your own ads, but just in case, we recommend that smells any ads Google Ads on other blogs you should not click, because your IP is listed as Google Adsense publisher and may affect also to your account.Tips-tips that I give is my observation so far with Google Adsense ads, and hopefully can help my friends who recently joined the publisher in order to remain a publisher Google Adsense and got the purse money.


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