How to Contact the Blog "Twitter and Facebook"

How to Connect Blog to Twitter and Facebook - Hello everyone In this discussion I will share you the tips on tips on how an article that you post it is automatically posted to facebook or twitter, now with these tips can help visitors come to visit on your blog .
Here are tips that I'm referring to above:
  • The first step that you do that is by visiting the website
  • Then click Register Now and will automatically be redirected to tab Step 1: Create Feed
  • Fill in the form provided:
Email adress: enter your email which is being buddy gunain
passsword: enter password confirm at least 6 characters
password: the password written in accordance with the previous
  • Click on Create Account
  • Fill in the form that is:
Feed Name: Name of Site / Blog
Blog URL or RSS Feed URL: enter your blog url RSS Feed
  • Then click Test Rss Fedd
  • If you are successful then there will be parsed OK to Feed RSS Feed URL below
  • Then click Continue to Step 2 (Configure Publishing Services), then to the stage where we will pick our blog will be combined. So in this title we just connect the blog to twitter and facebook for that we go the next step
  • If you want to connect twitter then follow these steps, click the Available Services Twitter page click Authenticate Twitter = >> = >> Enter the Username and Password Twitter account pal = >> Then let app = >> If so, click Create Service last bottom .
  • For Facebook to = >> Facebook click on the Available Services page = >> click Connect with Facebook = >> log in to your Facebook account pal = >> finally click Create Service
  • The last step click All Done with the blog and you will be automatically connected to your facebook or twitter.
Thus my review this time on How to Blog Linking to Twitter and Facebook and hopefully useful.

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