7 SEO Optimization When Creating New Media

7 SEO Optimization When Creating New Media : SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, is one of the targets to be achieved by each blogger. SEO Friendly, User Frindly, Spider Friendly etc..

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Tips Tricks Blogger Beginners SEO - SEO is a word that is familiar to most bloggers, but some are still not familiar with seo, the following tips will give me 7 SEO Optimization When Creating New Media

SEO Optimization # 1 - ALT In Fig.
In the ALT image is very important, because it tells the crawler robots, because robots crawlers can not read images, only able to read the text.

For installation on image ALT pretty easy just click the picture> Then click Properties> And Enter ALTnya alone.

SEO Optimization  # 2 - Setting Permanent Link (Permalink).
This is one of the common mistakes made by bloggers, which is not set up their new article page permalink.

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Permalink for Men-Setting click "Permalink" when creating a new article, I suggest use proper permalink to the new article page.

SEO Optimization # 3 - Enter Search Description.
The description on the blog is a brief overview of the page, so do not forget them.

For the installation click "Search Description" and fill in the form with a description as we please, also the same as the description permalink namely make the best possible and appropriate.

SEO Optimization # 4 - Bold, Italic, and Underline.
Each keyword that we shoot, cultivated must have attributes Bold, Italic and Underline. Because it will get a plus in the eyes of visitors and robots crawlers.

SEO Optimization # 5 - Internal Link.
Internal link link link or by Google's highly recommended, because it can increase the popularity of a page in the eyes of the search engines, and enable visitors.

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Internal link is simply a link to a link to a page in one blog. Example Internal Link:
Style Blog The Professional Article Writing

That is Internal Link.

SEO Optimization # 6 - rel = "nofollow".
Use of rel = "nofollow" is highly recommended by the great bloggers, use rel = "nofollow" is used for outgoing links or outbound links.

rel = "nofollow" signifies the link will not be followed by Crawler Robot, and the benefit is the popularity of your blog will remain intact.

SEO Optimization # 7 - H1 - H6.
We know that:

H1 = Title Blog
H2 = title Post
H3 - H6 = Widget

For H1 heading is recommended only used once in every page of the blog.
And use the keywords that buddy shoot well and hit on the topic of your blog today.

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