History of Foreign Exchange Forex Trading

History of Foreign Exchange Forex Trading : Forex Trading greetings for lovers of us and for bloggers who often plays Trading is for you the opportunity to play in the world trading today.

The existence of forex trading has long existed since the discovery technique to convert a country's currency into another country's currency. However, there is a new institution after the establishment of the arbitration body futures contracts (futures). An example is the IMM (International Money Market - established in 1972) which is a part of the division of CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange - Special handling perishable products commodities). Another example is LIFFEE (London International Financial Futures Exchange), TIFFEE (Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange) and so on.

Market developments Foreign Exchange, better known as Forex, has shown a very amazing graphics. In the decade of the 1980s, trade forex transaction value is only about $ 70 billion. But in the next two decades the transaction value reached U.S. $ 1.5 trillion, and the latest data precisely in May of 2009 showed the value of the transaction was fantastic, the total could reach up to U.S. $ 3.2 trillion.

Incomplete if we only discuss the ins and outs of Forex, without knowing the background of the emergence of the forex world itself. Actually why forex developments could get into a business that is so large that it is today? Then what factors contributed to its development?

Here I am I will seek to review the development of world currency exchange that ultimately the onset of world Forex background

Coin currency was first used at the time of Ignorance, precisely in the kingdom of Pharaoh. While the paper currency is used the first time in Babylonian times. 
Bretton Woods system - 1944 
On July 22, 1944 held a large-scale international monetary conference, which was then known as "The Bretton Woods Conference", which was attended by 44 countries. The purpose of holding the conference aims to draw up a plan in the making monetary system. Two years after the conference, the IMF and the World Bank was established to oversee the system.
Gold Price Standardization - 1800
In this year, the value of the currency is guaranteed by pure gold, which is the standard of the country. With hope, the value of the European currency country and America at that time was relatively stable.
Floating Exchange Rate System
Openness Bretton Woods last up to 30 years, because some countries are still experiencing a severe economic crisis. On August 15, 1971, President Nixon announced the Floating Exchange Rate System for time increment. Subject was reiterated "Smithsonian Conference" in December 1971 in Washington. With the birth of a more simple floating system that applies up to the present which in turn was followed by other countries.
Forex in the Era of the 1980
On trading Asian continent, Europe and America is rapidly increasing, rather than U.S. $ 70 billion per day up to $ 1.5 trillion per day. In the next two decades, triggered by rising global oil prices and technological advances at the time.

Forex in the Age of Goals 21 
Around dated January 1, 2002, the history of Forex is increasing with the introduction of the Euro as the official currency in 12 European countries. Currently, the Euro entered the top five most common used currency in the Forex market.

The above description can already be seen that the development of forex which has formed an outline of the changes in the world of forex. Did you already know about the history of Forex on previously? Here I draw the conclusion that the system of Forex Trading has evolved, which through time and a long process, turned into a "form" which is the desire of the traders (forex trading actors) more traders are friendly and appreciate the desire / willingness of traders to increase trading their experience. And on this day Forex Trading has become an enormous industry, better and quite regularly because of the rules of regulatory agencies having an authority.


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