Getting to Know About Forex

Getting to Know About Forex : Trading in general for now is an important time for beginners to learn forex is now one of the largest companies in the world and prestigious at the moment.

The foreign currency market or foreign exchange (forex) has grown quite long in Indonesia, and have legal protection by the regulator of futures trading in 2005. later pedestrianized with Law no. 10 of 2011 on the Commodity Futures Trading.

Forex is a risky type of investment while providing a promise of profit doubled overnight, so it is not recommended for those who understand the tip of the nail. This market is rolling 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

During 2011 the Jakarta Futures Exchange forex transaction record 1.5 million lots, while the index trade at 2.5 million lots, Loco London gold and 3.3 million lots. All three are products that are traded over the counter on a bilateral basis. BBJ is only valid as a ticker.

Investment in futures and derivatives that high risk high return, there are several types of investors, who describe their capacity stage play. This stage is also used as a stage of "class" in the learning investment in derivative products. The following phases according to the website to learn forex .....

The first is a Sitting Duck, which can be interpreted as an easy target because they are newcomers who only see the world in terms of investment profit or gain. This is the highest class and often become targets and victims of various scams market volatility.

Yes, it should be emphasized that investing in forex and other derivative products is hard and dangerous. Hundreds of percent profits commensurate with the potential loss of property that we use to invest. The forex market is not necessarily suitable for the first class.

Walking Lamb is the second stage. Sheep walking metaphor describing a better introduction to the "wolves" and can move away to a safer place. Even so, the sheep remain sheep, yet has the ability to escape from predators, let alone reply.

The third is Running Pig, aka pig ran. Yes, funny indeed. A pig can run fast but difficult to turn and not agile at all. They still lack the ability to see what is happening next.

Finally, Fox Hunting. From the name we can know, this class can consistently benefit from investing forex, index, and gold derivatives. Before you actually dive in these derivative investments, you need to be equipped with knowledge. Many fraudulent guise of futures and derivatives trading.

Late last month, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or futures trading regulator Uncle Sam, issued a warning to the public. They ask the public to be wary of investment bid with promises of easy profits derived from the increase in the price of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals. In fact, in America even the fraudsters aggressively advertise in major media of radio, television, newspapers and the Internet.

Tips for you, every suspect investment schemes that are too good to be true. Avoid companies that promise huge profits for the funds you invest. Also, avoid companies that promise no risk at all in the areas of forex trading through them.


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